About Chasing Rabbits

Why is an Athens TX home decor store called by such a whimsical name? How do we choose our gourmet foods, women’s clothing, jewelry, gifts and seasonal items?

History and Rabbit Trails

Owner Carla Florence always wanted to own a shop she could fill with beautiful, enchanting, whimsical things, but that wasn’t her only passion. For years, she taught high school history, and she and her students explored different kinds of rabbit trails – the ones humanity has taken through time.

While she loved teaching, she kept praying for the opportunity to open a shop, and wondering what she should name it. After spending countless hours on the subject she and her sister noted they had tried to come up with ideas, but just kept “chasing rabbits.” The name fit perfectly.

Beautiful Discoveries

When we started Chasing Rabbits, our goal was to make it a happy place. When we choose home decor, clothing, jewelry, gourmet food items or seasonal decor, we’re guided by what makes us smile, what lifts our spirits

We love all that is lighthearted, inviting and bright, and believe spaces and clothing should be inspiring and functional at the same time. Stop by to experience all things spontaneous and unexpected.

If you’re not sure about the look you’re going for, we can help you play around with colors, patterns and styles until you find just the right mix for you. We’ll also help you stock up on jewelry, home decor, clothing and other items that help you highlight focal points while maintaining balance and maximizing your space.